Free Felted Knit Pot of Gold Amigurumi Pattern

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Finished Size: Under 4 inches (10.1cm) tall, depending on yarn used and amount of felting.

Yarn: Use only 100% wool, worsted weight. Do not use a “superwash” wool as this will not felt. Bleached white yarns do not felt and many off-white yarns may not felt well. Test a sample knit swatch of white yarn before using. Yardages are approximate:

    • BLACK, under 1 skein.
    • GOLD, under 1 skein.

Needles: Straight needles, size 10 US (6mm).

Other Supplies:

    • Felt: black.
    • Embroidery floss: black, white.
    • Yarn or tapestry needle; embroidery needle.
    • Stuffing.
    • Small amount of waste non-wool yarn to temporarily secure seams.

    Stitches & Abbreviations:

      • M1: (Make one): Insert left needle, from front to back, under the horizontal strand between the stitch on the left needle and the stitch just worked, forming a loop on the left needle. Knit this loop through the back when working a knit row, purl through front when working a purl row.
      • K2TOG: Knit two stitches together. 


    Starting on wrong side, cast on 32 sts in GOLD.
    Row 1: Purl.
    Row 2: Knit.
    Row 3: Purl.
    Row 4: K1, (K2TOG, K3) 6 times, K1. (26 sts)
    Row 5: Purl.
    Row 6: K1, (K2TOG) 12 times, K1. (14 sts)
    Row 7: Purl.
    Row 8: K1, (K2TOG) 6 times, K1. (8 sts)
    Cut yarn leaving an 4 inch (10cm) tail. Using a yarn needle, insert the needle through remaining stitches and pull tight. With right sides facing, whipstitch seam with matching yarn. Gold will be attached after felting.


    Coins (Make 7)

    Cast on 7 stitches in GOLD.
    Row 1: Knit.
    Using a yarn needle, insert the needle through stitches and pull tight. With right sides facing, whipstitch seam with matching yarn. Coins will be attached after felting.



    Cast on 38 sts in BLACK. Beginning from rim of pot.
    Row 1: Knit.
    Row 2 & All Even Rows: Purl.
    Row 3: K1, (K2TOG, K1) 13 times, K1. (26 sts)
    Row 5: Knit.
    Row 7: K1, (M1, K4) 6 times, K1. (32 sts)
    Row 9: K1, (M1, K5) 6 times, K1. (38 sts)
    Row 11: Knit.
    Row 13: Knit.
    Row 15: Knit.
    Row 17: Knit.
    Row 19: K1, (K2TOG, K1) 12 times, K1. (26 sts)
    Row 21: K1, (K2TOG) 12 times, K1. (14 sts)
    Row 23: K1, (K2TOG) 6 times, K1. (8 sts)
    Cut yarn leaving an 8 inch (20cm) tail. Using a yarn needle, insert the needle through remaining stitches and pull tight. With right sides facing, whipstitch seam with matching yarn. Pot will be assembled after felting.


    Handles (Make 2)

    Cast on 10 stitches in BLACK. Bind off. Join ends and stitch to secure in a circle. Handles will be attached after felting.

    Next Step:
     Work in all yarn ends on wrong side. Check your knitting for any holes and stitch them together loosely. All pieces will be felted unattached.

     In a small container or dishpan, fill with about an inch of hot water. Add a small amount of dish soap. Place tooth into water and let soak for about five minutes. This will open up the wool fibers for felting. Vigorously squish each piece. Repeat process until individual knitted stitches are not visible. If the pieces get too sudsy, rinse to check your progess. Some colors may felt faster than others!

     Stuff Pot firmly with temporary stuffing while damp and mold into shape (See DIAGRAM 1). Shape Coins into small circles, Handles into loops and Gold into a bowl. When you are happy with the shape, let dry overnight.

     When completely dry, remove temporary stuffing completely. Fill bottom of Pot with 1 oz plastic pellets. Using matching yarn or embroidery floss, attach Gold to top of Pot as shown in DIAGRAM 1 while stuffing firmly.

    Attaching Parts:
     Using pattern pieces, cut out two eyes from black felt. Separate one strand from black embroidery floss and attach eyes with applique stitch as shown in DIAGRAM 2. Using three strands of embroidery floss, back stitch mouth as shown. Using three strands of white embroidery floss, make a french knot and straight stitch for each eye.

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