Free Candy Corn Felt Sewing Pattern

It’s that time of the year to be corny and tell tales of candy corn of years past!

Love this poor unloved delicious (or undelicious) candy and make a pile for yourself!

Finished Size:
Approximately 3½ inches (7.5cm) tall.

Felt & Embroidery Floss:

Size 9 x 12 inch felt sheets and 6-strand embroidery floss.

  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Black (Embroidery floss only).

Other Supplies: 

  • Embroidery needle.
  • Scissors.
  • Stuffing.

Cut pieces only as needed. Separate and use one (1) strand of matching embroidery floss to attach pieces unless otherwise specified.
1. Cut two (2) Bottom, Yellow.
2a. Cut two (2) Eyes, BLACK.
2b. Appliqué Eyes to Bottom (Front).
2c. Using two (2) strands of WHITE floss, make a french knot and straight stitch for each eye.
2d. Using two (2) strands of BLACK floss, straight stitch mouth.
3a. Cut two (2) Body from Orange felt.
3b. Cut two (2) Top from White felt.
3c. Appliqué Bottom to Body (Front & Back).
3c. Appliqué Top to Body (Front & Back).
4. Whipstitch and appliqué Body (Front) to Body (Back), stuffing as you stitch.


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  • These things are nice and cute, but most of them, you have to buy. I thought this website gave you instructions on how to make them…but anyway, they are cute!!!
    • Mamun