Free Football Felt Craft Pattern

Free Football Felt Craft Pattern

Make a super cute little football from felt. Toss it around or make it into a keychain, Christmas ornament and more. You can use acrylic felt that you can find easily at your local craft store, or order wool felt online. A link to the free PDF is at the end of the pattern.

Felt Football Pattern Instructions:

Finished Size: Approximately 5 inches (12.7cm) tall.

Felt & Embroidery Floss (6-strand): Brown, White, Black

Other Supplies: Embroidery needle, scissors, stuffing, double-sided clear tape (Optional; Use on back of pattern to secure to felt), glue (Optional; Use to secure pieces before stitching.)

Felt Craft Football

Cut pieces only as needed. Separate and use one (1) strand of matching embroidery floss to attach pieces unless otherwise specified.

1. Cut two (2) Footballs from BROWN felt.

2a. Cut two (2) sets Stripes from WHITE felt.

2b. Appliqué Stripes to Football (Front) and Football (Back).

3a. Cut one (1) Laces from WHITE felt.

3b. Appliqué Laces to Football (Front).

4a. Cut two (2) Eyes from BLACK felt.

4b. Appliqué Eyes to Football (Front).

4c. Using three (3) strands of WHITE floss, make a french knot and straight stitch for each eye.

5. Using three (3) strands of BLACK floss, stitch mouth.

6. Whipstitch and appliqué Football (Front) to Football (Back), stuffing as you stitch.

 Football Pattern Pieces


 Download CraftyAlien Football Felt Craft Pattern